Thursday, May 11, 2017

Around the World - Musical Vacations

This is the final installment of "Musical Vacations" to finish out the school year.
 I just finished an Immigration Celebration unit with my second graders and do another unit on music around the world with my fourth grade students earlier in the school year.  With my second graders, who are oh so wiggly and squiggly, this has been the perfect unit to complete our time together!  I would highly recommend having a globe handy or projecting a world map to show the children where all these songs come from.

1.  Rattlin' Bog - Ireland

My students learn this in March for St. Patrick's Day and they love it.  They choose or create rhythms to play on drums, bodhran style, during the chorus.  Of course we add motions to each of the cumulative verses!

2.  Yesh Lanu Tayish - Israel

Another favorite shared by a fellow music teacher who has a heart for songs from other cultures! Thanks, Marilyn!

3.  Cuddly Koala - Australia

This is from my book, "Hands to Hands", available here. This one was sent by a lovely Australian friend, Susan!

4.  May There Always Be Sunshine - Russia

I am always amazed at how deeply this touches children, and this version is my favorite English version:

Others and Resources

There are several others we sing (so much music, so little time) including,
"Bow, Wow, Wow" (England), "Mexican Counting Song", "San Serafin del Monte"
 "When I First Came to This Land"., music available from Beth's Notes here.
"This Land is Your Land" by Woody Guthrie, and "America".
Beth's Notes site also has a HUGE compilation of songs from around the world including various national anthems.  This is a fantastic resource!


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  2. Did you have an audio for "May There Always Be Sunshine"? Itunes? This is lovely!

    1. Hi Lynda,
      No, I played accompaniment on piano. This is one that needs simplicity; the song is so very beautiful!

    2. Thanks! I agree that the simplicity is powerful! Thanks for sharing!

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  4. Hi Amy is this a stand alone blog? Or are there more on this topic? You said your final instalment so not sure if you meant for this topic or for the year 🤪. Love the blog - wanting more 👍


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