Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Rabbit Songs Two Ways - Minor and Major

I am going to begin this blog post with a bit of discomfort - one single word; contentious.  While the celebration of Easter is not controversial, for some of my families it is certainly debatable and disputable.  As we sing songs about eggs and use rhythm eggs and other spring music, I do not want my Hindu, Buddhist, and Jewish children to look like this as we sing songs about spring that they might interpret as being about Easter:
As a Christian I must put aside my feelings about the meaning of Easter yet still honor the spirit and joy of the holiday. 
I love contrast; light/dark, joy/sadness, minor/major, etc.  In that vein, and needing a few more activities this time of year that celebrate symbols of the season yet are not overtly about "Easter", I wrote a couple songs yesterday. 
The first, Bunny Run, is in minor!  A song about a bunny in minor?  YES!!! This one includes an optional created B Section using Haiku poems. 
The second, Bunny Rabbit (original title, right?) is pentatonic and includes options for the B section using instruments.  Enjoy!!



  1. I love these! What a fun way to compare and contrast, and the games and instrumentations are easy enough for my littles! Thanks for sharing :)

    1. Glad you enjoyed! So many Orff arrangements are complex and overdone - beautiful, but inaccessible for most teachers who see students once a week. Thanks for your comment!

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