Thursday, March 9, 2017

St. Patrick's Day Song and Sneak Peak of New Book!

I LOVE singing games!  You can probably tell this if you have been on my blog for any length of time!  Children also love them (of course) and they encourage even your most reluctant singers to join in; perhaps it is the focus on the game and the lessening of focus and attention on "singing" as a skill.  They are wonderful, of course, whether you identify yourself as a Kodaly, Orff, Laban, or general music teacher as you can find songs that are within the Kodaly sequence, songs to teach specific concepts and skills, or to encourage solo singing or build sense of community.  Invaluable!
I am currently finishing a book of Singing Games from Around the World and was fortunate enough for one of my lovely Orff friends, Marilyn, to share an Irish one.  The story:  Marilyn was seated on a flight next to a wee Irish lassie and when she found out Marilyn was a music teacher, song after song poured out of her and she helped Marilyn to transcribe the notation and Gaelic!  How incredibly lucky!

1. Lamha Suas

Today I will share the English version Marilyn wrote, you will surely recognize the tune!  The Irish/Gaelic and this version will be in the new book! :)

2.  St. Patrick Was a Gentleman

Lyrics and sheet music can be found here.
I use this song as a dance:
Introduction - Bend knees or rest
Swing all eighth notes.
A -
Circle right 8 beats, circle left 8 beats:  FW 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 turn, 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 center.
In, in, clap clap clap (ta ta titi ta), out, out clap clap clap (ta ta titi ta), repeat
Rest for 4 beats and get ready - hands at sides
B -
Right heel on floor, right toe on floor (say heel, toe) clap clap clap (ta ta titi ta)
Left heel on floor, left toe on floor (say heel, toe) clap clap clap (ta ta titi ta), repeat, rest until next A Section.
Form:  AB

3.  Getting Me Eire On!

I posted about this last year and have several other activities including my favorite Irish song, "Rattlin' Bog".

Click here for my previous post on Irish music and songs!

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