Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Sixteenth Notes

It seems to me that once we turn the corner of January, I start getting itchy feet knowing I don't have long with the students.  January moves along and then all of a sudden it seems we are thrown into February with African American/Black History Month, March is crazy due to Spring Break, the April arrives and we have 7 weeks of school left!  Yikes! 
For some reason, I always seem to teach/re-teach/review sixteenth note notation beginning in late January/early February. 
There are SO many wonderful pieces of music to use with the wonderfully fun sixteenths!
Here are several of my favorites:

1.  Chicken on a Fencepost - my kids can't get enough of this and the game is so fun!! 

 2.  Woodchuck 

 Another fun one with lots of tongue-twisted excitement!  Transfer each line of ostinato to an upitched percussion instrument - wood only, ha!


3.  Hole in the Bottom of the Sea

Classics are classics for a reason!  This one is very exciting when sung at a breakneck tempo!

4.  Old Brass Wagon

I posted on this before using an improvisation lesson for recorders here.

5.  Ding Dong Diggidiggidong

I love this one, and the kids do, also!  Available here from Beth's Music Notes:

6.  Kookaburra

This is a lovely canon from Australia. The Kookaburra is a bird that makes a very funny sound!


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