Monday, November 7, 2016

Song and Clapping Game!

Many of you may know this old camp song favorite, Flea Fly Mosquito.  At my session this past weekend at AOSA (American Orff Schulwerk Association) I showed how this can be used in a few different ways.
This is from my latest book, Hands to Hands Too, Hand Clapping Songs and Games from the USA and Canada. Available from Beatin' Path Publications at

1.  Teach chant/song teacher is the leader, students are "all". 
2.  Teach clapping game at a slow tempo, with chant/song.
3.  Perform with partners.
4.  Divide class; half or the partner groups are "leaders", others are "all".
5.  Perform, then switch so other half of class becomes the leaders.
6.  Challenge time; one partner from each pair is "leader" the other partner is "all".
SO much fun!!!
Cross Clap – Cross hands and clap partners hands.
Spray – Pretend to hold can of bug spray and spray right to left.
Dead Bug – Back on the floor, arms and legs straight up in the air, a la “dead bug”.
Teacher Tip:  Try this one over and over, faster, slower, high voice, low voice, etc.

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