Friday, July 1, 2016

Blog Carnival!!

Music Education Blog Carnival!!

The music education blog carnival is a monthly post that links to several new music education blog posts across the web.  These blog posts were compiled from the month of June and feature music teachers from many locales and specialties.   Thanks to everyone who wrote wonderful and insightful articles to be included this month!  Click the links below to see the full post about each topic. There are many activities and ideas to bookmark, pin, print, and give a try!

You can go back and read the posts from May at this link (Hosted by Linda Knupp Seamons at "Floating Down the River") and June at this link, hosted by David at Make Moments Matter.    Next months Blog Carnival will be hosted by Tamsyn at Teaching Children Music .  If you are a teacher/blogger and are interested in hosting the blog carnival in the future contact Rachel Tanenblatt


Music Education Freebies List from Mrs. King Rocks

Tracy King has done it again; a HUGE list of freebies available from Teachers Pay Teachers.  After each title there is a short, concise description of each freebie, 23 freebies in all!!!  The post is here.


New Ideas for Lower Elementary from Caldwell Organized Chaos

Elizabeth always has a plethora of ideas and activities on her blog and this post is about new ideas she used in her classroom this year that she "LOVED".  I really loved the rhythm magnet monsters and my kids have really loved using them!  The post is here.

Won't You Let the Birdies out from Jennifer at Yellow Brick Road

This is a lovely call and response song with an active game similar to Red Rover. A printable for students to create their own call and response song is included with the lesson and activities.  Click here.

Old Jeremiah from Beth's Music Notes

Though not technically a "teaching blog" like others, I frequently go to Beth's site to look for traditional folk songs from around the world.  I love how clearly and concisely she presents the songs.  Songs are always free, additional teaching materials are provided at a subscription price.  This call and response song is available here.

Differentiation Part II from Alisha at Alisha Gabriel

As educators we often hear about "differentiation" and from conversations I have had with many other music teachers it is one that is not easily defined or described for us as often our music making and learning is ensemble based.  This post is a continuation from a previous post  and Alisha demonstrates how to provide intentional differentiation strategies for students.  The post is here.

Singing Games

My contribution for the Blog Carnival is actually not a post from June (school was out May 23 for me and this summer has been a bit crazy).  This singing game collection post was from May and these are some of my favorite (and my students favorites) song and music games.  I hope you enjoy them and enjoy the next installment of the blog carnival.


  1. Thanks for including my blog post and for hosting this month's carnival :)

  2. I'm late to the party, but thank you for including my post and for sharing all of these awesome ones from such a wide range of websites! Love them all.

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