Sunday, April 19, 2015

NEW BOOK!!! Arriving mid-May!!

Well, it's official!!! Yee-haw!  My book, Hands to Hands, will be ready to ship mid-May! 
You can pre-order it directly from Beatin' Path Publications here:

I began to look at clapping songs and games after an end of year conversation about how kids of our digital age don't know what to do once they are "bored".  I researched and couldn't find a resource that had songs, music notation, directions, etc. I found many on youtube and then began to spread my wings farther by sending emails to people around the world.  This collection, Hands to Hands, will hopefully be Volume 1 and we will publish Volume 2 later.  I am incredibly proud of the pieces we included, from Kenya to Italy, Peru to Scotland, New Zealand to Japan, and everything in between.  It's a really diverse and approachable collection and my students have loved learning them!!

I am also excited as Brent, the editor, really liked my idea of using my doodles as artwork!  Here's the back cover artwork, although it looks a little different on the actual book (no white spaces; they are purple!).  I just finished this one Wednesday night while recovering from strep throat!

I hope you will consider ordering the book!  :)

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