Thursday, January 29, 2015

Snow Snow No Snow

I am originally from Maine, an original "Mainah".  As much as I love my home state, and miss many parts of it, I am much happier weather wise here in North Carolina, especially now.. they were just hit with a massive storm and my parents have 2.5 FEET of snow in their yard and are set for more snow this weekend.  My kiddos here at school are wanting just a few inches of the white stuff, and I would love to go out and play in the yard with my daughter and enjoy some snowy moments!  Not to mention having a Snow Day. 
Here is a song for younger grades, Snowflakes Falling Down.  We used it as a B section to the Snowflakes song from Gameplan, Grade K.  After playing a few times, we let our mallets "dance" (alternate hands quickly) to play high sounds after "dancing high" and low sounds after "dancing low".  Great fun..  Add some finger cymbals, whirling tubes (wind sounds) and chimes and you'll have a blustery blizzard of musical fun.  Oh, and white feathers.. got to have them to blow around, too.. Cheers!!

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