Friday, May 30, 2014

School's Out.. but not really...

Dont' get me wrong, I LOVE summer.. time to play, relax, enjoy, and for me, research, rejuvenate, refresh!  I am planning on some changes for school next year and looking to go backwards a bit.  There are so many wonderful folk songs kids don't know and I'm not sure if it's just that I'm getting older and a bit sentimental about having finished my 20th year of teaching, or if it's just that a friend of mine turned me on to the song, "Lead Through That Sugar and Tea" and another friend onto "Jump Jim Joe".  I really love these songs; classics, fun, silly, and the kids really enjoy singing them and they are jewels!!  Lead Through that Sugar and Tea is an African American childrens song and can be found in the Sail Away book by Boosey and Hawkes on page 32.  It's listed as a play party song but other sources say it's African American, from Alabama.  Jump Jim Joe is in a book of that same name and is an absolute gem; my kindies and first graders can't get enough; kinders were even doing it on the playground so you know when that happens it's a keeper!  We even played it with everyone having a stuffed animal as a partner then switching "partner animals".  HILARIOUS!  Here's a video I found on youtube:

Right now I am obsessed with the Song: I Let Her Go, Go, which is from Trinidad:  Here's a video:

Formation: A single circle with partners facing each other
I let her go-go, - Partners pat hands two times on - go-go.
Ee-ay, I let her go-go, - Turn and face the partner behind, and again pat hands two times on - go-go.
Eeay, I let her go, . . . - Partners put hands together on - go ... but linger.
I let her go-go-go! - Partners pass by the right shoulder and continue with a new partner.


Source: Canciones De Nuestra Cabana.
Public Domain. May be reproduced.


  1. Hello there, I just found your blog, and I LOVE it! I'm planning to sit down and read much more of it in the coming days. I was wondering if you could recommend any first-step resources for me? I have been asked to teach a combination group piano and general-music-like class for a summer camp at a dance studio to elementary schoolers. I have experience teaching early childhood music based on Gordon approach, and piano to older students, but never elementary general. I feel drawn to both Orff and Kodaly phylosophies, and I'd like to get them doing a lot of moving and singing, and understanding what they're doing, but am not ure how o begin to sequence things. I'm familiar with piano curricula, but could you please suggest anything for the rest? Thank you so very much, and sorry for te rambling comment! Have a great summer!

    1. Sorry to just be getting back to you.. I was on vacation for a week and just got back. I would love to help.. let's chat via email..
      I look forward to any help I can give you!