Wednesday, April 30, 2014

MadPad App Review

I have
used this app with a few classes in rotations and it's pretty amazing. The video above is older (2011) but is a great intro. to MadPad.

 I am looking at using it as a composition project for next fall, probably with fourth grade.  I like that you can adjust the pitch of each sound set, and you can loop and record a rhythm. There are so many sound sets you can download.. try the toys one and find the guy with the mouth.. awesome!  It's just his mouth making various sounds!   There are also great ones with kids making sounds with various objects from around the house. This is  a great way to incorporate tech with music and can be used in the classroom to reinforce the concept of ostinato.  How would you use it? 


  1. Hi Aimee, I am currently in China and returning to possibly NO in June. I need to get Orff certification. Do you know of any classes that will be offered in the summer in NO? thanks!

    1. I'm sorry, can you tell me where NO is? If you could let me know where you would be interested in taking certification course; I am assuming Level 1, I can send you the locations for courses.


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