Saturday, January 4, 2014

Valentine Candy Rhythms

I LOVE Target.. especially the dollar spot area! Found these oh-so-cute foam stickers and put them onto red cardstock then cut them into squares and added stickers on the back. Each package has 80 stickers!!! For $1.00!! Stickers are in two sizes. When I saw them, I thought, yippee.. eighth notes and quarter notes! Wahoo! Use these with a heart chart such as this one: I put about 10 of the hearts into a plastic bag and made 10 bags (the max number of students I have in a class is 20 and I have students work in pairs) and put all the bags in a large gallon size plastic bag along with instructions on the front. Students work in pairs to create a 4 or 8 beat rhythm using the words on the hearts; "Guess Who?" will be spoken as eighth notes and placed on a single heart, "Kiss" or "Hugs" is a quarter note and each heart rhythm will be placed on one heart (beat). Once a rhythm is created, students can practice speaking the words in rhythm and accompanying body percussion. The 4 or 8 beat rhythmic phrases could be written out in rhythmic notation, maybe played on unpitched percussion or on Orff instruments set up in a pentatonic key. I will use this as a B section to a Valentine song, perhaps "Do You Love Me?" from Gameplan, I think it's Grade 2. This would also be a great way to review iconic to actual rhythmic notation for eighths and quarter notes; each partner pair could speak their rhythm once, then play on drums or with drum sticks or chopsticks on the floor while internalizing words the second time. Have fun with them!


  1. Awesome lesson! I'm definitely going to try this for our upcoming rotation with my K-2nd grade students :) Thanks!

    1. I will be using this myself next week; because of snow days we were out of school here in nc for the past 3 days! Have fun with it!

    2. What a cute idea-I love your pirate theme. Amazing lesson! Thanks for linking up!