Sunday, November 3, 2013

Betwixt and Between

I am SO in the middle of things right now.. having just completed Halloween, finishing some fall/autumn songs and activities, and getting ready for our HUGE concert entitled, "Falling Into Winter". Usually our "Winter Holiday Concert" is in December, but I will be having my fourth (and hopefully LAST!!!) surgery this year.. long story.. November 26th! So, our concert is in a couple weeks! We've been practicing for a while now and I love this point in rehearsals.. we add final touches and practice using "Sing Like A.. " cards. So funny! The kids love to pick a card and sing like they are in outer space, or a cowboy, or an opera singer. It's hysterical, and after 6 weeks of practice we are READY to have some fun with the same old songs. Classes are mainly split into 2 parts; rehearsing, and then other more skill-based lessons/songs. I met with my sub last week; reviewed the 52 page sub plan document I created.. ugh... she's good to go, thankfully! Wonderful person and a retired music teacher, THANK GOD!!! I am also getting ready to present (for the first time!!) at the National Orff Conference in Denver week after next AND I have my daughters sixth birthday party next Saturday with about a dozen "princesses". Oh BOY! So I am wrapping things up, getting ready to be on leave until late January, making sure recorders are ready to start in January, making sure lessons "make sense" and at home, wrapping Christmas presents for my daughter and husband so that if I don't feel fabulous, at least things are ready and the responsibilities don't just fall on my husbands shoulders (which is what happened last year as I had emergency surgery mid-December and he had to go searching through the house to find/wrap all the hidden presents). I am ready for this hernia repair surgery, though; been a bit painful. The good news is that I have lost 22 pounds, and am leaving my students in a good place with great sub plans and a great sub! Ah.. what a relief it is! Happy Fall!


  1. So many quesitons.

    1) Do you have the "sing like a" cards? Did I miss that in a previous blog post? Clearly I should go looking. :D

    2) Best of luck in Denver! I have so many friends going, wish I could be there! Argh!

    3) What sorts of things did you put in your long sub plans? I'd love to know since I'm working on making my sub files more extensive and accessible.

    4) Do you have a blog button or picture that you use? I'd love to link to you, if that's alright.

    Have a great weekend and I hope that surgery goes well!


    1. Hi David! Thanks for your comments!
      Sing Like a Cards.. some here:, others I use from here:
      and still others I have made cards for; sing like a robot, sing like a baby, sing like a cat (meow), sing like a cowboy, etc. Your imagination is your only limit!
      Denver.. wahooo!! My session is Saturday AM at 8:00.. EARLY!!! Ugh!
      Long term sub plans.. I think I will do a whole post on this sometime in the near future.. maybe I'll have time to work on it on the plane or in the airport Tuesday!
      Blog button.. I don't have one.. maybe I need one! Do you have a link list? Add me there and I would so appreciate it.. guess I need to look into how to create a blog button.... hmm.
      Thanks again!


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