Thursday, August 16, 2012

Games, Games, and MORE Games...

Yup... kids come back Monday- am a *little* in denial at the moment.. you'd think after 4 days of meetings (!!!) that I would be ready, but we've literally had 2 hours in our classrooms over the last 4 days and so definitely need a few more hours.. I'm sensing everyone in my hall will be in over the weekend at some point!!! This post is a *wee* bit lengthy but I'm so excited about these games!! I'm going to do some centers this year (some with ipads and I can't wait to try those).. here are a few games I'm going to put in a music center: Bottle Cap Memory Game:
When you make this add music symbols; maybe one game with quarter notes, eighths, quarter rests, and another game add half notes, dotted halfs, whole notes, for another game I want to do one with staff notes we use for recorder- would be so great!! Could even make another with pics of instruments or dynamic symbols- lots of possibilities here! Music Twister: We made these a few years ago when we hosted the National AOSA conference here in Charlotte and had these in the boutique- a hit! On a large rectangular tablecloth you are going to spray adhesive 16 pieces of felt; 4 yellow, 4 red, 4 green, 4 blue (colors you choose but all must be equal; 4 of each). On each piece of felt you use sharpie and draw a quarter note, half note, eighth notes, and whole note. Adhesive them on in a way so that each row across has one of each color (a la Twister) game; make up a board with moveable arrow (this was the trickiest part- think plastic washers and make the arrow out of craft foam!!). On each color put a quarter note, eighth, etc. My kids love this!
I'm really looking forward to this one- the kids will love doing this outdoors! Rhythm Toss:
Diced Rhythms:
Use 4 dice, cut out printed rhythms (to fit on each side of die), spray adhesive on (I used big foam ones purchased from toy section of Dollar Tree). Students rolled the 4 dice, arranged the dice and then played the rhythm on rhythm sticks (pictured). I will let them play with drum stick (big OOOOO here!!!) and drum pads (rubber pads borrowed from sweet PE teacher!). Ping Pong Rhythms from!/2012/03/ping-pong-rhythms.html
Also from the same blogger:!/2012/07/treble-clef-putt-putt.html TREBLE CLEF Putt-Putt - for those of you from New England like me, this is AKA mini golf! So cute!!!
Did you watch the "Minute to Win It" show? I thoroughly loved it and browsing through pinterest I happened upon a fellow music teacher friend who had pinned this- what fun!!! Here are a bunch of "Minute to Win It' music games from a fellow Pinner on Pinterest- link back to her blog at

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