Thursday, March 8, 2012


I know, I need to update- for all 5 of you looking at this blog! But seriously, here is another adorable music blog with some fantastic ideas! Check it out!

A couple of other favorite places and spaces on the web:

I LOVE THIS SITE!!! Yes, for those of you already on here, it's AWESOME!! Think of it as a global pin board where you can find people who like things you like or can give you inspiration. Recipes, fashion, crafty stuff AND TONS of educational ideas from fellow teachers and techie teachers and music teachers, too!!! If you are not a member, go sign up- it can take a few days to get your first email and start using it, or you can sign up through a friend who is on facebook or go through facebook to sign up. So many wonderful things to see/look at/get inspiration from/find amazing ideas! Go, Go, Go!!

Have you ever had to send an email from home to your school with your lesson plans when home sick? How about you needed the document on your home computer but forgot to send it to yourself? Go to and get thee signed up!!!
This application allows you to save files to your personal dropbox, and then you can open it on any computer. Hours saved searching for flash drives and nothing to bring/remember/send to yourself!

I'll be updating over the next week or two with a couple of songs I've recently written about the Jungle as for our spring concert we are "Jivin' in the Jungle".

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