Sunday, July 24, 2011

Why Blog?

So, it's something I've thought of for a while now; after searching for things on the web having to do with elementary Orff Schulwerk, I found the resources LIM*I*TED! Not much out there.. so... I'm throwing in my meager two cents worth. I am heading into my 18th year of teaching; most of those years hungry to learn more about the Orff Approach, even after completing my Master's Level Certification... I continue to want to improve, to learn more, and to encourage others to teach music in such a unique, exhilarating way that is WAAAAY (yeah, I know I just used that word in a different WAY!) more fun (and meaningful) than traditional music education.
I'd love for you to join me and add your own comments, thoughts, tricks, tips, and YES! LeSsOn PlAnS!
So, join in, share your best; what works, what you love, what you have written, what "jumping off points" we can use to begin a lesson. Ask your questions here... no ? too "elementary", no judgments.. let's start the ball rolling, fellow Orff-fans!

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