Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Dan, Dan the Fine Old Man Irish Song/Recorder Composition

My stepdaughter is Irish- her Mom is first generation American.  She is very proud of her Irish heritage and of her 12 aunts and uncles (yes, 13 children!).  They were raised in a 3 bedroom house and her mother has great stories of life growing up with an Irish mother with a very thick accent with 13 kids sleeping in  2 bedrooms!
When I found this Irish poem (similar to Old Dan Tucker), I knew it had to become a song!  Email me at if you would like the pdf - not all the pictures are here as there are 13 pages!  
Happy March!

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Melody Hunt Lockbox

 Ever played Escape Room or Exit Strategy?  They are a fun date night or co-worker night out!  You can learn a lot about someone being in a room in which you have to solve a mystery with the clues left for you.  Oh- and the best part- you have a limited amount of time to solve the mystery!
 I am terrible at it - probably because I am very literal and have never been a great puzzle person.  But  it is so much fun!!
You know they say the best ideas are borrowed, right?  This one from a fellow music teacher, Jessica Christine, who shared how to take the idea of "breaking in" to a musical level!  If you would like the pdf, send a request to  I love to hear how you are using things on the blog!
Happy March!