Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Jingle Thingle

I love jingle bells!  Such a wonderfully distinctive sound.
Here are some older posts that have some really fun activities to use with jingles!
Nino Sleigh Bells with Wooden Ergo Grip & 4 Bells Red
1.  Bucket Drumming with Jingle Bell Rock - the version of the song I use is from Music Connection from Silver Burdett Ginn, Grade 5, CD 10, track 10.  You can use other versions and adjust accordingly (most do not have the interlude which is easily omitted).
Jingle Bell Rock Bucket Drum Routine  Click for the full post including score and directions.

2.  Jingle Bell Dances - Two Levels
Click here for the full post.

3.  Jingle Bell Stretchy Band Dance

.4.More ideas here! Check out this post with MANY ideas!

Happy Holidays!

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